Co-Pilot Registration

Register a Co-Pilot

If you haveĀ a child or youth that you think would benefit from joining us on this special day, please let us know!
Alternatively, feel free to refer others to us!

Please keep in mind that although we would love to include all those referred to us, our primary focus is to provide this opportunity to those that have been negatively impacted by a life event and would benefit from being part of the rally.

A parental/guardian waiver will be emailed following registration. All co-pilots must have a completed waiver submitted to us prior to participation!

Co-Pilot Registration is Now Closed

We thank everyone who registered.

We have received an incredible amount of Co-Pilot registrations over the course of the last year and thank everyone for their interest. We wish we could accommodate everyone however we are limited to just a certain amount of Co-Pilots each year.

If you did not get a chance to register a Co-Pilot, please check back next year!
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